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Nourishing By Sally

Variety Box (Keto Friendly - Low Sugar)



You know you will love all the products and want choice, Grab the variety pack and keep it in the fridge or freezer as an emergency stash.

Each pack contains:

6 Balls (2 of each flavour - chocolate, berry, coconut)

9 Slices (3 of each flavour - Lemon Slice, Red Velvet and Chocolate)

All boxes are as per the first picture.


NOTE:  If you are selecting for your online order to be shipped to you via courier read the terms of this below: 
We send online orders Monday to Wednesday only and use an overnight courier service.  Unfortunately we can not guarantee delivery times/days as it is out of our control once the order leaves our premises. We will always pay for a book the quickest sending option offered to us in the hope that it will arrive quickly at its destination.
Please ensure that you allow more than enough time if you are wanting our products for a special occasion or event knowing that our products can be frozen and stored for up to six months when received.